Alanis Morrisette ~ Feast On Scraps

Alanis Morrisette ~ Feast On Scraps

Alanis Morrisette ~ Feast On Scraps
CD with DVD

 This isn't quite a live album, greatest hits, or rarities package,
although it contains plenty of material that falls under all three columns.
Rather, Feast on Scraps is a generous serving of everything Alanis. Its
centerpiece is a CD featuring eight previously unreleased songs that were
recorded during the Under Rug Swept sessions, plus an acoustic take on the hit
"Hands Clean." Among the highlights here are a nasty Jagged Little Pill
throwback called "Sister Blister" and a warmly seductive folk number
approximating Joni Mitchell called "Offer." Then there is the DVD, brimming
with superb live performances of sleek, dark pop hits such as "You Oughta
Know," "Head Over Feet," and "Thank U." The set is rounded out with some
delightfully candid behind-the-scenes footage (watch Alanis break down in
tears during the writing of "Surrendering") that will make her fans gasp in

Audio CD

1. Fear Of Bliss 

2. Bent For You

3. Sorry To Myself 

4. Sister Blister 

5. Offer 

6. Unprodigal Daughter

7. Simple Together 

8. Purgatorying 

9. Hands Clean (Acoustic) 

DVD    (2:20:00)

DVD-1. Baba
DVD-2. Right Through You
DVD-3. 21 Things I Want In A Lover
DVD-4. Hand In My Pocket
DVD-5. Purgatorying 1
DVD-6. Unprodigal Daughter
DVD-7. Flinch
DVD-8. All I Really Want
DVD-9. Precious Illusions
DVD-10. Sympathetic Character
DVD-11. Purgatorying 2
DVD-12. So Unsexy
DVD-13. Head Over Feet
DVD-14. Purgatorying 3
DVD-15. You Oughta Know
DVD-16. Hands Clean
DVD-17. Uninvited
DVD-18. Ironic
DVD-19. You Learn
DVD-20. That Particular Time
DVD-21. Thank You

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