I Mother Earth ~ Scenery And Fish

I Mother Earth ~ Scenery And Fish

I Mother Earth ~ Scenery And Fish

I Mother Earth were, quite simply, on another level when they released this master-work of accessibly hard alt-rock back in 1996. Every member of the band is at his personal best here, and the culmination of that is a remarkable blend of balls-out vocals (Edwin), dynamic bass lines (Bruce Gordon) and perfect drumming (Christian Tanna).
And the guitars...oh, the guitars. Jag Tanna channels Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore and especially Carlos Santana on this sophomore effort. The result is an album different from (and better than) their debut in almost every way. Sure, there were hints of what was to come on 1993's "Dig", but nothing approaching the quality of tracks like "Shortcut to Moncton", "Like A Girl" or closing track "Earth, Sky & C." (the "C" of which stands for Carlos, as in Santana).

1 Hello Dave!

2 Like A Girl

3 One More Astronaut

4 Another Sunday

5 Three Days Old

6 Used To Be Alright

7 Shortcut To Moneton

8 Pisser

9 Raspberry

10 Songburst & Delirium

11Sense Of Henry

11 Sense Of Henry C.

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