Jane Siberry ~ A Collection 1984-1989

Jane Siberry ~ A Collection 1984-1989

Jane Siberry ~ A Collection 1984-1989

This summation of the highlights from Jane Siberry's first four albums manages to capture all the different facets of her music. A rapidly developing, often experimental artist who initially courted comparisons to Laurie Anderson, she could veer from the sing-speak scene of the wistful, faraway "Mimi on the Beach" to the melodically straightforward "One More Colour" to the lightly countrified "Bound by the Beauty," and never miss a beat. The heartbreaking "The Taxi Ride" and "The Walking" are among her best compositions, while "Ingrid and the Footman" is an enigmatic play. As an introduction to Siberry's early work, this collection is not always easy, but Siberry challenges perceptions and pushes boundaries--the things a real artist is supposed to do. Here, it feels natural, not forced.

1 I Muse Aloud 

2 Mimi On The Beach 

3 The Waitress 

4 You Don't Need 

5 One More Colour 

6 Map Of The World (Part II) 

7 The Taxi Ride 

8 Seven Steps To The Wall 

9 The Walking (And Constantly)

10 Red High Heels 

11 Ingrid And The Footman 

12 The Life Is The Red Wagon 

13 Miss Punta Blanca 

14 Bound By The Beauty

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