Jane Siberry ~ Maria

Jane Siberry ~ Maria

Jane Siberry ~ Maria

Not quite jazz, Maria can be more accurately described as jazz-ish, using some of the modes, moods, and inflections of the genre while still retaining the feel of experimental art music. It's a difficult combination to pull off, and like most experiments, doesn't work all the time. When Jane Siberry clicks, on tracks like "Honey Bee" and "Lovin' Cup," she's a post-bop joy, with echoes of Canadian jazz diva Holly Cole. The best comes last, in the epic closer "Oh My My," which runs a full 20 minutes, with tabla, sitar, and even a choir adding colour to Siberry's most ambitious work to date. While not a record that grabs attention immediately, Maria is a subtle album that successfully straddles two worlds, and reveals more of itself over time.

1 Maria

2 See The Child

3 Honey Bee

4 Caravan

5 Lovin' Cup

6 Begat Begat

7 Goodbye Sweet Pumpkinhead

8 Would You Go?

9 Mary Had...

10 Oh My My

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