k.d. lang ~ Recollection

k.d. lang ~ Recollection

k.d. lang ~ Recollection
2 CD

This double CD is a marvellous retrospective that accurately showcases k.d.'s natural vocal artistry.
During her 25 years in the industry she slowly became regarded as one of the most highly praised female vocalists on the planet.
k.d. does not aspire to grab her audience's attention by performing insincere vocal acrobatics.
Although she is known to emotionally wrench out the lyrical content within a song with a subtle vocal nuance, she excell as a vocalist when softly conquering any musical style with an impressive yet restrained vocal range.

Disc: 1

1 Trail of Broken Hearts (2010 Remaster)

2 Constant Craving

3 The Air That I Breathe (2010 Remaster)

4 Helpless (2020 Remaster)

5 You're OK (2010 Remaster)

6 Western Stars (2010 Remaster)

7 The Valley (2010 Remaster)

8 Summerfling (Alternate Intro Edit)

9 Miss Chatelaine (2010 Remaster)

10 I Dream of Spring (2010 Remaster)

11 Hallelujah

Disc: 2

1 Help Me (2010 Remaster)

2 Hush Sweet Lover (2010 Remaster)

3 Beautifully Combined (New Song)

4 Crying (with Roy Orbison) [2010 Remaster]

5 Love for Sale (2010 Remaster)

6 Golden Slumbers / The End (2010 Remaster)

7 Barefoot (2010 Remaster)

8 Moonglow (with Tony Bennett) [2010 Remaster]

9 So in Love (2010 Remaster)

10 Calling All Angels (with Jane Siberry) [2010 Remaster]

11 Hallelujah

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