Kim Mitchell ~ Greatest Hits

Kim Mitchell ~ Greatest Hits

Kim Mitchell ~ Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits is a compilation album from Canadian singer and guitarist Kim Mitchell. The album was released in 1995. The opening and closing tracks, "Transcendental Soda" and "Hare Soda", are instrumental intro and outro pieces, recorded live, with Mitchell playing the "Go for Soda" riff and the crowd responding.

1. Transcendental Soda
2. Rock N Roll Duty
3. That's The Hold
4. Go For Soda
5. No More Walking Away
6. Lager & Ale (New Recording)
7. Rocklandwonderland
8. Easy To Tame
9. Rainbow
10. All We Are (Live)
11. Patio Lanterns (New Recording)
12. Acrimony
13. America
14. Expedition Sailor (Other Version)
15. Lemon Wedge
16. I Am A Wild Party (Live)
17. Hare Soda 

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