Laura Smith ~ Everything Is Moving

Laura Smith ~ Everything Is Moving

Laura Smith ~ Everything Is Moving

A long time in coming following convalescence from a horseback riding accident, Canadian folksinger Laura Smith is back with a great new album produced by Paul Mills. Laura Smith's music is direct and honest. Sometimes, fiddles and guitars gently lift and carry her spirited vocals, while her melodies and careful poetry dig deep. "My work is all very simple, earth-based," says the Maritime-based singer/songwriter. Her work is not so much written, as painstakingly designed, cut and stitched together. "Like quilt craft," she explains. "I make it body and soul, with everything I have available - my sensibilities, my ability to play. So many things come into the making of a song."

1 Lonely Waterloo

2 I Built a Boat

3 Magdalen McGillivray

4 The Blues and I

5 Gartan Mother's Lullaby

6 John Keane's Boys

7 What Goes Around (Comes Around)

8 Horses and Plough

9 Inspiration

10 Safe Home, Sweet Light

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