Lynne Hanson ~ Eleven Months

Lynne Hanson ~ Eleven Months

Lynne Hanson ~ Eleven Months

Lynne Hanson's second outing is a gem. Her voice and songwriting has a clarity and charm will that enhance her standing in the Canadian music world. In other words, she is destined to become a household name I first heard Lynne after Lynn Miles (who played a house concert for us) recommended her to me. And am I ever grateful. This album has it, folk, rootsy blues and good old fashioned passionate singer/songwriter.

1.Eleven Months 

2.Seeking Juliet 

3.More Of The Same

4.Nazareth Bound 

5.Dance In The Evermore 

6.Willow Tree 

7.Middle Of The Bed 

8.Movie Queen 

9.Tears In Your Rain 

10.Cold Touch 

11.Day Keeps Coming 

12.How Little I Sleep 

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