Our Lady Peace ~ Naveed

Our Lady Peace ~ Naveed

Our Lady Peace ~ Naveed

On their debut, Naveed, Toronto-based quartet OLP looked to a host of presumed influences, from the Smashing Pumpkins--who rather unceremoniously called them on it in the press--to Stone Temple Pilots. Singer Raine Maida is occasionally guilty of over-emoting (the acrobatics of his voice are an acquired taste), but his lyrics are right on target, perfectly matching the intensity of the music. Songs like "Supersatellite" and "Starseed," with their quiet/loud dynamics, are tailor-made for Maida's range. Elsewhere, OLP strut their diversity in songs such as "Hope," "Is it Safe?," and "Denied," demonstrating their flexibility in both writing and performing. Naveed captures the anxiety and confusion of coming of age in the '90s.

1 The Birdman

2 Supersatellite

3 Starseed

4 Hope

5 Naveed

6 Dirty Walls

7 Denied

8 Is It Safe?

9 Julia

10 Under Zenith

11 Neon Crossing

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