2013 release. Creatures contains songs about human creatures, animal creatures, the environment, and all their interrelationships (and even one about a heavenly creature too).  Brilliant musician David Woodhead, who produced Pegasus, is producing again.

 A Dream Last Night

About a dream within a dream within a…you get the picture. A joyful Mobius strip of a song.


2. Life’s Like That

Things happen in a split second that can change your life forever. Trust me, I know.


3. Emily Flies

Inspired by amazing kids and horses I’ve met in therapeutic riding facilities, after my big accident. Horses broke me, and horses healed me.

Honorary Producer: Jacq Hammond


4. Thomas Foster

About the power of art to heal grief, explored through the true story of a little-known Canadian architectural gem, The Thomas Foster Memorial.


5. Le cheval Sauvage

What if someday wild horses were as mythical as centaurs and unicorns? (in French)


6. Children of Peace

The true story of a breakaway Quaker sect that built an extraordinary temple, and community, in the wilds of Upper Canada.


7. Electric Green

Nature is fragile, and we humans are hobnailed boots. New spring shoots are electric green in more ways than one…About the Oak Ridges Moraine, ON, where I now live, and which contains hundreds of rare or at-risk species of flora and fauna.

Honorary Producer: Susan Lawrence


8. Silver Boy

About the most extraordinary  cat I’ve ever lived with (at least till the Universe sent me his female reincarnation recently – yay!), and whom I still miss. For anyone who’s ever lost a beloved companion animal.


9. Newfoundland Pony

The Newfoundland Pony is the only distinct pony breed, now endangered, to have developed in Canada. Another great, relatively unknown bit of Canadian culture and history.


10. Stormy’s Song

A true story of a very special rescue dog who loved life despite serious challenges. Dedicated to all the folks involved in animal rescue.


11. Do You Remember

About the elusive past, and memory, and desire…


12. The Reluctant Angel

What if you died suddenly and made it to heaven, only to realize you weren’t ready to let go of the world?

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