James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing

James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing

James H. Robinson - The Songs We Sing

An album of excellent country-rock from a man who died too young. Included are Jim's four singles that graced the charts in the 1980s - One Time Flyer, I Guess That's Only Natural, The Songs We Sing & Stay The Night, plus 9 other great songs and 6 demos of tracks Jim didn't finish before his passing. Robinson's songs have been compared to Kris Kristofferson & Waylon Jennings - songs of love, experience and life on the road!


1.The Songs We Sing

2. Alberta Highway

3. Believing

4. I Guess That's Only Natural

5. One Time Flyer

6. I'd like To Sing

7. Hell On the Road

8. Dance With Me (Mary Jo Roy)

9. High School Buddies

10. Lady In Red

11. Stay the Night

12. Magic Eyes

13. Miss You

Bonus demo tracks:

14. Dance of Lovers

15. Seems Like A Cryin' Shame

16. Lady Summertime

17. Livin' life Like A Fool

18. 3/4 Time

19. Lines of A song

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