James Leroy & Denim - Touch of Magic

James Leroy & Denim - Touch of Magic

James Leroy & Denim - Touch of Magic

Long out-of-print, the sole album by Leroy is back. Contains all hit singles, "Touch of Magic", "You Look Good In Denim" , "Make It All Worthwhile" & "Lady Ellen", plus the A & B sides of 2 subsequent singles and 8 bonus tracks.


1. You Look Good In Denim

2. Anniversary Waltz

3. Someday Soon

4. Comin' To A Party

5. Make It All Worthwhile

6. Touch of Magic

7. Comin' On Home

8. Lady of the night

9.Take A Look At Life

10. Friends and Brothers

11. Some Kind of Fool

12. Fast Eddie

13. Lady Ellen

14. Lady Comes


15. Lampton County Woman (demo)

16. When the War Is Over (demo)

17. Martintown Diary (demo)

18. Now That the Children Have Gone (demo)

19. It's All worthwhile - take 2 (demo)

20. The Family (live with the Terry Crawford Band)

21. I'm A Sailor (live with the Terry Crawford Band) 

22. Touch of Magic (promo)


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