R.P.M. - McLeish, Petrie, Robinson & Friends

R.P.M. - McLeish, Petrie, Robinson & Friends

R.P.M. - McLeish, Petrie, Robinson & Friends

Released in 1979, this was one of the first independent records to come out in Canada. Originally a songwriters demo for the three listed artists, the project eventually evolved into a band called R.P.M. The only pressing was done on blue vinyl, as that was the trend at the time. Each copy was numbered, 1 to 1,000. The music covered included rock, pop, country, and progressive rock; all home-made demo recordings of varying quality - many of which would be re-recorded for later albums. A truly one-of-a-kind album.


1. Master of Disguise

2. (I Wanna Be With You( By the Sea

3. Seems Like A Cryin' Shame

4. One Time Flyer

5. Heartbreaker / Dreamtaker

6. One Way Ticket (To A Broken Heart)

7. Another Lonely sunday

8. Memory Of Our Love

9. Fool's Circle

10. You Took Me By Surprise

11. FYN

12. Armageddon - Armageddon / Blind Man's Bluff

13. I Bin Lookin' for A Way To Say I Love You

The limited-edition CD release added these bonus cuts:

14. Music In You

15.One Time Flyer (studio version)(original mix)

16. Dance Wih Me (Mary Jo Roy) (original mix)

17. Can't Wait For Long

18. Misery

19. Out Of the Past

20. It'll Take A Long time

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