Songs From the Lost & Found

Songs From the Lost & Found

Songs From the Lost & Found

Released in 2015, this compilation rounds up various tracks produced by and for Wiffen but never previously released. Most of the songs date from his 1970s heyday, and after hearing them one wonders why they were never released in the first place! Contains 17 wonderful tracks, including covers of the Rolling Stone's "No Expectations" and Lynn Miles "Crazy Me".


1. California Song

2. Ballad of Jacob Marlowe

3. Cool Green River

4. Your Room

5. Sweet Angel Take Me Home

6. Fugitive

7. Crazy Me

8. Fire on the Water

9. Come Down to the River

10. Ballad of the Inland Sailors

11. Any Other Rainy Day

12. No Desire For Texas

13. Bought and Paid-for Soul

14. No Expectations

15. Let Your Love Light Shine

16. Harlequin

17. Rocking Chair World

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