The Children -  Time Capsule - The Unreleased 1960s Masters

The Children - Time Capsule - The Unreleased 1960s Masters

The Children -  Time Capsule - The Unreleased 1960s Masters


The band barely existed for 2 years, yet it included such future Canadian stars as Bruce Cockburn, Sandy Crawley, Neville Wells, Peter (Sneezy Waters) Hodgson, David Wiffen & poet / songwriter William Hawkins. Their music contains folk, blues, rock, pop, country, bluegrass, garage, punk and psychedelia! A truly unique band.

The Children never released any music on record when they were together. This album contains demos, live performances, tv performances and some cuts friom their 1997 reunion at the Ottawa Folk Festival.

Songs include:

1. I'm Leaving You Out

2. Blotting Paper

3. Put Me Into Gear

4. Merry Go Round

5. Cosmic Woe

6. Louis Riel (tv)

7. You Don't Think About Me (When I'm Gone) (tv)

8. I Like What My Baby Do (tv)

9. I'm Leaving You Out (tv)

10. It's Not Time Now (live)

11. It's A Dirty Shame (live)

12. Cotton Candy Man (live)

13. Sleeping Bag (live)

14. You're Nobody's Baby Now (live) 

15. Just Like A Woman (live)

16. Madison Avenue Blues (live)

17. Medley: I.O. / Blotting Paper (live reunion)

18. Bird Without Wings (live reunion) 

19. Creature Energy (live reunion) 

20. The Trains Don't Go There (live reunion) 

21. I Don't Want To Drive You Away (live reunion) 

22. Meet Me at the Bottom (live reunion) 

23.Lucy's Song 

25. Little Child (live)

Available from True North records:

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