The Townsmen - "We're Doing Fine" The Anthology

The Townsmen - "We're Doing Fine" The Anthology

The Townsmen - "We're Doing Fine" The Anthology

A 2-CD set of the entire recorded works of one of Ottawa's most pop beloved bands. Featuring amazing 4-part harmonies & great instrumental tracks. Contains all 7 Townsmen singles (A & B sides), plus a wealth of other songs. CD 2 consist of live cuts from various concerts, while disc 1 features other bands that evolved into or evolved from the Townsmen. A truly comprehensive collection! 

Disc One:

1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (stereo mix)

2. We're Doing Fine (stereo mix)

3. He's In Town (stereo mix)

4. Back Yards (stereo mix)

5. Pineland Stomp (stereo mix)

6. Take A Heart

7. I'm Such A Dreamer

8. Funny How Love Can Be

9. Heaven in the Middle of Town

10. He's In Town

11. Back Yards

12. Rocking Chair

13. The Jar

14. Come On Up (License to Operate An Elevating Device) - by Harold

15. Afternoon Magic - by Harold

16. Ode To Linoleum - by Harold

17. Oh Mayonaise - by Harold

18. The Wind Is Blowing Diamonds Tonight

19. I Can't Find My Way Home Without You

20. Every Other Guy - by the Darnels

21. Day After Lonely Day - by the Darnels

22. I Want A Dream - by the Continentals

23. Are You Angry With Me Patty? - by the Jades

24. Mr. Keymaker - Lori & Diane with the Jades

25. It Bothers Me - Lori & Diane with the Jades

26. Billy Brown - Lori & Diane with the Jades

27. Be - Lori & Diane with the Jades

Disc Two (all material live):

1. Back Yards

2. He's In Town

3. Medley: You Were On My Mind / I Can't let Go

4. Medley: Good Thing / Kicks / Hungry / The Great Airplane Strike

5. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

6. With A Girl Like You

7. Medley: Devil With A Blue Dress / Good Golly. Miss Molly

8. For What It's Worth

9. Hang On Sloopy

10. Gimme Some Lovin'

11. I'm Such A Dreamer

12. Funny How Love Can Be

13. Memphis Tennessee

14. We're Doing Fine

15. He's In Town

16. The Kids Are Alright

17. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers in Your Hair)

18. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

19. (bonus track) introduced by Wolfman Jack 

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