Ani DiFranco ~ To The Teeth

Ani DiFranco ~ To The Teeth

Ani DiFranco ~ To The Teeth

This is the album that Up and Castles wanted to be, tried to be. Or maybe that I wanted them to be. This is the album that has been coming ever since the evolution began, since the queen of folk/punk started playing with jazz/funk arrangements, since she toned down the lyrics (in volume and tone, not in content. I'm learning nowadays that when Ani's being quiet, that's when to watch for flying objects.) This is the culmination, or maturation, of the (r)evolution.
Simply put, this album is excellent. From track one to I Know This Bar, there's hardly a forgettable track on the whole piece of plastic. That's freaking amazing. Personal favorites -- ones I play over and over and over again -- are Wish I May (perhaps the most despairing song ever), Freak Show, and Swing.
All of Ani's albums are good -- meaning better than the average folk/rock album -- but this is one of her best. And that's saying plenty.

1 To the Teeth

2 Soft Shoulder

3 Wish I May

4 Freakshow

5 Going Once

6 Hello Birmingham

7Back Back Back

8 Swing

10 Cloud Blood

11 The Arrivals Gate

12 Providence

13 I Know This Bar

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