Bruce Springsteen ~ Devils & Dust

Bruce Springsteen ~ Devils & Dust

Bruce Springsteen ~ Devils & Dust
1 CD, 1 DVD

The last time Bruce Springsteen ventured West for inspiration, the result was the desolate, Nebraska, and its tales of serial killers and used cars. On his first record in three years, Springsteen navigates barren deserts and Old West war fields for a dozen forlorn songs that co-star the artist and his acoustic guitar. Where he has always had a knack for carving out the hooks and melodies that make each journey memorable, this time around Springsteen relies on the lyrics to carry the tune, including desperate tales of tragedy, heartbreak, and lust with a Latino twist, like the boxer coming home ("The Hitter"), a distressing border crossing incident ("Matamoros Banks") and the Nevada hooker with good intentions ("Reno," which led to the warning sticker "Adult Imagery"). With no E Street Band in the mix, the album is decorated with horns and strings and Springsteen’s novel falsetto on two his best efforts, "Maria's Bed," where the narrator comes home to his woman after forty nights on the road, and the fast-picking "All I'm Thinkin' About," where he has more than Carolina on his mind. A decade from now this will be an underrated record in the Springsteen chronicles.

Disc: 1

1Devils & Dust

2All the Way Home


4Long Time Comin'

5Black Cowboys

6Maria's Bed

7Silver Palomino

8Jesus Was an Only Son



11All I'm Thinkin' About

12Matamoros Banks

Disc: 2 - DVD

1 Devils & Dust 

2 All the Way Home  

3 Reno 

 4 Long Time Comin' 

5 Black Cowboys 

6 Maria's Bed 

7 Silver Palomino

8 Jesus Was an Only Son 

9 Leah 

10 Hitter 

11 All I'm Thinkin' About 

12 Matamoros Banks 

13 Devils & Dust [[Version]

14 Long Time Comin' [Version]

15 Reno [Version}

16 All I'm Thinkin' About [Version]

17 Matamoros Banks [Version]

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