Doves ~ Lost Souls

Doves ~ Lost Souls

Doves ~ Lost Souls

In an about-face that could alienate technophiles, this group of dance revisionists celebrate guitars and "real instruments" in the face of processed music. The Williams brothers and their mate Jim Goodwin first had a hit with the disco-charged "Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use)," but they became disillusioned with the Manchester scene, picked up guitars, and formed the Doves--a band determined to infuse raw emotion into their music. From instrumental opener "Firesuite," which showcases their rumbling, restrained guitar firepower, to the tumbling acoustic shanty "Sea Song" to the balmy Technique-era New Order rocker "Catch the Sun," none of the album's 11 tracks bears any real resemblance to any other (and, in this rare instance, that's a positive). The Doves have produced an outstanding debut album in Lost Souls, alternately melancholy and uplifting, sparkling darkly with charged atmospherics.

1 firesuite

2 here it comes

3 break me gently

4 sea song

5 rise

6 lost souls

7 melody calls

8 catch the sun

9 the man who told everything

10 the cedar room

11 reprise

12 a house

13 darker (bonus track)

14 valley (bonus track)

15 zither (bonus track)

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