Evanescence ~ The Open Door

Evanescence ~ The Open Door

Evanescence ~ The Open Door

Evanescence has promised us a bigger, better album, and this album it shows. They've clearly pushed all of their limits and the used all the talents they could. Amy used her powerful voice much more than on Fallen. The vocal was just utterly amazing and gave the album sort of a dream-like, gothic-powerful, carefree and windy feeling.
Fallen was a success simply because it was something new and different, and a breath of fresh air from other music. So now after three years adapting into Fallen, they come out with something else - The Open Door. 

1 Sweet Sacrifice

2 Call Me When You're Sober

3 Weight of the World

4 Lithium

5 Cloud Nine

6 Snow White Queen

7 Lacrymosa

8 Like You

9 Lose Control

10The Only One

11 Your Star

12All That I'm Living For

13 Good Enough

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