John Lennon ~ Lennon Legend

John Lennon ~ Lennon Legend

John Lennon ~ Lennon Legend

John Lennon's solo work has been anthologized so many times that it's hard to believe there wasn't a definitive compilation before this one. And, depending on your particular take, you might not find Lennon Legend quite hitting the mark. However, since it does contain the brilliantly scathing "Working Class Hero", doesn't ignore the woefully underrated Rock 'n' Roll album, and catches the hopeful renewal that came toward the end of his foreshortened life, it's probably about as close as anyone's going to come. His great songs shine, meditations like "Imagine" and his rockers had form and content, as in "Whatever Gets You Through the Night". He was an icon, and this does him justice.

1 Imagine

2 Instant Karma!

3 Mother (Single Edit)

4 Jealous Guy

5 Power To The People

6 Cold Turkey

7 Love

8 Mind Games

9 Whatever Gets You Thru The Night

10 #9 Dream

11 Stand By Me

12 (Just Like) Starting Over

13 Woman

14 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)

15 Watching The Wheels

16 Nobody Told Me

17 Borrowed Time

18 Working Class Hero

19 Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

20 Give Peace A Chance

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