Madonna ~ Justify My love

Madonna ~ Justify My love

Madonna ~ Justify My love

This is one of Madonna's best Maxi-Single releases ever! This single includes 5 great mixes:
1. Justify My Love (q Sound Mix) - This is the version from the "Immaculate Collection". An excellent, sexy track that stays amazing 23 years later! 5/5
2. Justify My Love (Orbit 12" Mix) - WOW, this track is extremely hot! A re-vamped version of the original with a different beat, more sound effects and some new lyrics, including moans. Excellent song to listen to if you want to just have a fun time dancing or if you're feeling confident! 5/5
3. Justify My Love (Hip Hop Mix) - Awesome remix! The beat is to die for, and the new lyrics included are very sexy and there is some new added instrumentation that is fabulous! 5/5
4. Express Yourself (Shep's 'Spressin' Himself RE-Remix) - A very fun, happy remix of her smash hit "Express Yourself"! Coming in at 9 minutes and 30 seconds, it's great the whole way through! A very interesting remix and the effects are just great!
5. Justify My Love (The Beast Within Mix) - This is the intro music for Madonna's 2004 "Re-Invention" Tour. Such a great remix, where Madonna speaks from the book of Revelations. A very interesting track and it really makes you zone out and it puts you in a trance!!! Excellent song!

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