Nancy White ~ Gaelic Envy...and Other Torch Songs

Nancy White ~ Gaelic Envy...and Other Torch Songs

Nancy White ~ Gaelic Envy...and Other Torch Songs

On this, her 11th release, Nancy White continues to extend her satirical views and wry observations into a number of areas other than politics, and also continues to extend her musical boundaries. It is also interesting to note that this is her first new release since 1994's non-comedic Songs from the Spanish Civil War and Other Struggles, and although many of the songs on this CD are quite humorous, there is a tinge of sadness. Among other topics discussed on this CD include a tribute to Canadian folkie Stan Rogers ("Manly Band"), unrequited love, the struggles of Chile (a translation of Violeta Parra's beautiful "Gracias A La Vida"), and the struggles of being a Canadian musician ("Gaelic Envy"). The songs have a strong bite, and although the songs as usual bring a smile to the listener's face, there is an underlying seriousness to the whole affair. Nancy White is angry, fed up, and not content. She is quite clear about that with her writings. The music ranges from folk to cabaret to pop.

1. Gaelic Envy

2. Bet He Can Tango

3. Un Peu Cochon

4. Pierced Matron

5. Gracias a la Vida

6. Clapping Song for Grownups

7. When You Fall in Love Like That

8. He Wrote Too Many Songs About His Girlfriend

9. Manly Band

10. Seamless Dance of the Old Folks

11. Moose on the Highway

12. A Dream I've Had of Late

13. My Life Is Picking Up

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