Paul McCartney & Youth (The Fireman) ~ Electric Arguments

Paul McCartney & Youth (The Fireman) ~ Electric Arguments

Paul McCartney & Youth (The Fireman) ~ Electric Arguments

Electric Arguments is the third album by the Fireman. The album was first announced 29 September 2008, on Paul McCartney's website, and was released on 24 November 2008 on the duo's website. It is the first Fireman release to be publicly acknowledged by McCartney, and the album cover features the names of both contributors in contrast to the anonymity of earlier works.

Unlike the earlier Fireman albums, Electric Arguments features prominent vocals. Each of the songs was recorded in one day, the album itself being completed in only 13 days, spread over the course of nearly a year. The album includes the hidden track "Road Trip", at the end of "Don't Stop Running". Remixes of "Lifelong Passion" were made, titled "Sawain Ambient Acapella" and "Sawain Instrumental Dub". Instrumental mixes of "Sun Is Shining" and "Traveling Light" were made, titled "Equinox Instrumental" and "Travelling Light Instrumental", respectively. Instrumental dub mixes were made of "Sing the Changes" and "Don't Stop Running", titled "Morning Mist Instrumental Dub" and "Wickerman Ambient Dub", respectively.

The duo borrowed the title "Electric Arguments" from the poem "Kansas City to St. Louis" by Allen Ginsberg. McCartney stated this was because "he's been looking at the beauty of word combinations rather than their meaning." He also said of his collaboration with Youth:

"We had a ball making this album, and it was a great departure because it seemed more like improv theatre. In the improv spirit, there are William Burroughs-type cut-ups in the lyrics. I came to "Sing the Changes," as well as all the other songs in the album, with absolutely no concept of what the melody or lyrics would be about. So it was like writing on the spot, which I think lent an electricity to the whole sound."

1 Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight

2 Two Magpies

3 Sing The Changes

4 Travelling Light

5 Highway

6 Light From Your Lighthouse

7 Sun Is Shining

8 Dance 'Til We're High

9 Lifelong Passion

10 Is This Love?

11 Lovers In A Dream

12 Universal Here, Everlasting Now

13.1 Don't Stop Running

13.2 (silence)

13.3 Road Trip

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