Phish ~ Lawn Boy

Phish ~ Lawn Boy

Phish ~ Lawn Boy

Originally recorded in 1989, Phish's second record is a brilliant blend of whimsy and wisdom that served notice to the world: these boys are tough to peg. "The Squirming Coil" is arena-rock bluster, "Reba" is winding art rock, "My Sweet One" is quick bluegrass, "Split Open and Melt" is a funky workout, "Oh Kee Pa Ceremony" is jazzed-up country boogie, "Lawn Boy" is lounge jazz, and "Bouncing Around the Room" is irresistible pop. Add to that "Run Like an Antelope," one of their most successful twisting-and-turning instrumental jams, and you have an eclectic yet digestible smorgasbord of styles. What saves Phish from crumbling under their own weight? A palpable sense of playfulness and sarcasm and musicianship that is both loose and demanding.

1 The Squirming Coil

2 Reba

3 My Sweet One

4 Split Open And Melt

5 The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony

6 Bathtub Gin

7 Run Like An Antelope

8 Lawn Boy

9 Bouncing Around The Room

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