Posies ~ Frosting on the Beater

Posies ~ Frosting on the Beater

Posies ~ Frosting on the Beater

Frosting on the Beater is the third album by American rock band The Posies, released in 1993. It featured a darker sound than the band's prior works, in part due to production duties being handled by Don Fleming. "Dream All Day", "Solar Sister" and "Definite Door" were released as singles, with the first two getting moderate airplay and the third being the band's only single to break the UK top 75. Frosting on the Beater was the last album original drummer Mike Musburger appeared on.

"Flavor of the Month" was a swipe at the many overnight-sensation grunge bands in The Posies' hometown of Seattle. "Coming Right Along" appeared on the soundtrack to the movie The Basketball Diaries (1995, Island Records). "Dream All Day" was later used as the title of the band's best-of compilation, released in 2000. The Posies later remade "Flavor of the Month" with brand-new lyrics as "Voyage of the Aquanauts" for the series Bill Nye the Science Guy.

1 Dream All Day

2 Solar Sister

3 Flavor Of The Month

4 Love Letter Boxes

5 Definite Door

6 Burn & Shine

7 Earlier Than Expected

8 20 Questions

9 When Mute Tongues Can Speak

10 Lights Out

11 How She Lied By Living

12 Coming Right Along

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