R.E.M. ~ Out Of Time

R.E.M. ~ Out Of Time

R.E.M. ~ Out Of Time

There's no denying that Out of Time is the record that officially launched R.E.M. into the stratosphere of the public consciousness. The single "Losing My Religion" still remains arguably their biggest hit and most recognizable song, the title of which is well-deserved. It still sounds fresh nearly 25 years later but it's not the only track that has that effect. The haunting "Country Feedback" remains one of their most devastating ballads, a twisted tale of a dysfunctional relationship that's on the verge of complete collapse. Bassist Mike Mills lends lead vocals to "Near Wild Heaven" and "Texarkana", both of which soar with jangly guitars and soaring choruses. "Half a World Away" is a gentle folk-tinged number that puts the band's new emphasis on country music to full effect. The closer "Me in Honey" is beautiful and "Shiny Happy People", despite its pop cheese, is still quite fun to listen to if you take it for what it is. In short: there's a lot of great material here that has held up remarkably well.

1 Radio Song

2 Losing My Religion

3 Low

4 Near Wild Heaven

5 Endgame

6 Shiny Happy People

7 Belong

8 Half a World Away

9 Texarkana

10 Country Feedback

11 Me in Honey

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