Richard Thompson ~ Electric

Richard Thompson ~ Electric

Richard Thompson ~ Electric
2 CD

Deluxe two CD edition includes a bonus disc containing seven additional tracks. 2013 album from the guitar and Folk music legend, produced by Buddy Miller. Thompson, named one of Rolling Stone Magazine's 20 Greatest Guitarists, brings a record full of gifted songwriting and virtuosic guitar playing. Electric was made at Buddy Miller s home studio in Nashville, TN. The record features Alison Krauss on the song 'The Snow Leopard.'

Once again Richard Thompson shows why he is one of the better, and more consistent, artists making music nowadays. It amazes me that he's been doing this for so many years, yet he still sounds fresh and inspired. Last century, this century; he hasn't changed his sound or formula much, a condition that will please most longtime fans, but perhaps cause others to mutter that this is "more of the same".
But don't think that the music on "Electric" is stuck in a retro RT rut. He continues to mine new sounds from his guitar along with familiar riffs and chords. Above all, there is his very distinctive guitar sound that shines, along with equally distinctive vocal phrasing. People always rave about the guitar, but I think that Thompson's songwriting skills are of extremely high quality. When he wants to write a killer tune, he seems to be able to do it effortelessly.

  1. 1. "Stony Ground" 
  2. 2 "Salford Sunday" 
  3. 3 "Sally B"
  4. 4 "Stuck On The Treadmill" 
  5. 5 "My Enemy" 
  6. 6 "Good Things Happen To Bad People" 
  7. 7 "Where's Home?" 
  8. 8 "Another Small Thing In Her Favour" 
  9. 9 "Straight And Narrow"
  10. 10 "The Snow Goose"
  11. 11 "Saving The Good Stuff For You" 

A Deluxe Edition with a bonus disc was also made available. The bonus disc contains four outtakes from the 'Electric' sessions and three additional tracks from other Thompson albums

  1. "Will You Dance, Charlie Boy"
  2. "I Found A Stray"
  3. "The Rival"
  4. "The Tic-Tac Man"
  5. "Auldie Riggs" (from Cabaret Of Souls)
  6. "Auldie Riggs Dance" (from Cabaret Of Souls)
  7. "So Ben Mi Ch'a Bon Tempo" (from 1000 Years of Popular Music)

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