Stacey Earle ~ Simple Gearle

Stacey Earle ~ Simple Gearle

Stacey Earle ~ Simple Gearle

Simple Gearle is the debut solo album by Stacey Earle. Released independently through Gearle Records.

Stacey Earle is the younger sister of the more high profile -and increasingly politicised-Steve Earle and this was her debut album.It is a mainly acoustic work with stark ,simple and uncluttered accompaniment that allows her personal and idiosyncratic songs room to breathe.
Each song is strong and there is no filler on the album.It opens with a terse track -"Waiting"where she sings of the desperation engendered waiting for a loved one to return home,eventually realising ,as the candles burn down in their holders and the clock ticks relentlessly on that he is not coming back.The heartbreak and desperation are almost palpable in both song and heartfelt performance.There are thematic links with the closing song on the album-Just Another Day where the singer relates a day of loneliness and toil undergone while still obviously waiting and yearning for the appaearnace of her absent lover.
In between are songs of nostalgia ,like Wedding Night ,lost and lonely sadness as in Tears That She Cries,and the youthful innocence of Simple Gearle .
Special praise from me for the poignant Cried My Heart Out and the collaboration with big brother on Loser's Weep.


2.Wedding Night

3.Tears That She Cries

4.Next Door Down

5.Silly You (Dear Sweet Peggy)

6.Simple Gearle

7.Losers Weep (with Steve Earle

8.Cried My Heart Out

9.Weekend Runaways

10.Show Me How

11.If It Weren't For You

12.In My Way (For Frances)

13.Just Another Day

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