Wilco ~ A Ghost Is Born

Wilco ~ A Ghost Is Born

Wilco ~ A Ghost Is Born

A GHOST IS BORN, the Chicago band's second Nonesuch release if full of extended guitar reveries and rave-ups, hushed late night balladry, orchestral pop and beautifully sculpted noise that more than lives up to the promise of it's illustrious predecessor, Wilco's watershed 2002 release, YANKEE HOTEL FOXTROT.

1 At Least That's What You Said 

2 Hell Is Chrome 

3 Spiders (Kidsmoke) 

4 Muzzle of Bees 

5 Hummingbird 

6 Handshake Drugs 

7 Wishful Thinking 

8 Company in My Back 

9 I'm a Wheel 

10 Theologians 

11 Less Than You Think 

12 The Late Greats

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