Charlie Watts  1941 - 2021

Charlie Watts 1941 - 2021

Charlie Watts  1941 - 2021

I have a Charlie Watts story.

When the Stones played Montreal in 1972, I went to the show - the opening act was Stevie Wonder!

Anyway, the afternoon of the show I was wandering down a very busy & crowded St. Catherine Street when who should be walking towards me but Charlie? He had a bodyguard with him, but being the non-publicity-seeking person that he was, he was able to stroll around without attracting attention.

Our eyes met and he obviously picked up on both my recognizing him, and my excitement of meeting a Rolling Stone on the street! He narrowed his eyes and shook his head in a quick motion that said "No! Don't let these people know who I am - please!"

So I smiled and nodded and he smiled and nodded back at me and then he & his bodyguard disappeared into the crowd.

I stopped for a minute to reflect on what had just happened and wondered if anyone would believe me...and that, Virginia, is how I sort-of met a Rolling Stone. 

~ Ian McLeish

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