Joni Mitchell & Jimi Hendrix

Joni Mitchell & Jimi Hendrix

Joni Mitchell & Jimi Hendrix

JULY 2021

Missing for 50 years, the set that Jimi Hendrix recorded of Joni Mitchell at Le Hibou Coffeehouse in Ottawa is finally uncovered. I was at the Hendrix concert at the Capitol Theatre that night & took pictures of Jimi. Noel & Mitch that I later sold to the Hendrix estate. But I had no idea at the time Jimi had gone to see Joni.

I had digitized the tape years ago from the collection of the late Richard Patterson, and when Joni put out her box set of old live performnces in 2020 I thought she might be interested. I contacted her management, send them the digital files, and Joni was overjoyed to hear it again after all this time.

The music will be part of her new boxset which will be relased in October 2021.

A photo of the tape box I digitized, a pic of Joni performing, and a bad photo of Jimi recording her set are included.

 ~ Ian McLeish ~

Here is a link to the Canadian Press report of the incident...

...and one from the Globe & Mail newspaper.

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