Moxy Fruvous

Moxy Fruvous

Moxy Fruvous
RARE cassette

This cassette was self-produced in 1992 and introduced Moxy Madness to the world. Along with the first Barenaked Ladies cassette, this started a revolution in Canadian Indie music.

VERY RARE and hard-to-find!

The only release to contain the RARE song "Grren Eggs & Ham" which the Dr. Suess estate prevented the band from putting on a CD...

Songs are:

1. The King of Spain

2. My Baby Loves A Bunch Of Authors

3. B.J. Don't Cry

4. The Gulf War Song

5. Green Eggs & Ham

6. The Drinking Song (live)

NOTE: All songs on this cassette are different versions from the ones appearing on the "Bargainville" album. 

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