Staccatos ~ Initially

Staccatos ~ Initially

Staccatos ~ Initially

Released just as 1965 turned into 1966, The Staccatos debut album Initially collects both sides of the group's previous pair of Canadian hits and their third Capitol single, along with three more Emmerson-Craig originals and three covers. The album overall is very British Invasion-influenced, but the original songs are top-notch beat material and the group brings something new to the covers, including a folk-rockish take on Buddy Holly. Outliers include the Beach Boys pastiche "Move to California" and excellent, garage-leaning "You Only Die Once."

While Initially has never been released in the U.S., the group's singles would begin appearing here by the end of 1966. They changed their name to the Five Man Electrical Band in 1969, and according to their bio, were on the verge of dissolving when "Signs" finally changed their fortunes. Follow-up single "Absolutely Right" was also a huge Canadian hit but stalled out on the American charts, despite possibly being their best individual track. The group would gradually drift apart over the next few years and collapsed altogether by the middle of the '70s. However, there have been at least a few Five Man Electrical Band shows nearly every year since a reunion show in 1986. (Capitol of Canada, 1966)

1 Take Your Time

2 Bad Boy

3 It's A Long Way Home

4 Something's Got A Hold On Me

5 Small Town Girl

6 Move To California

7 You Only Die Once

8 Nightfall 

3 Poor Baby

4 Million Kisses

5 If This Is Love

6 Do You Mind (If I Dance With Your Girl)

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